How Much Is Breast Augmentation in Indiana?

The Cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery in Indiana

Breast augmentation surgery is a procedure in which breast implants are inserted to enhance the shape and size of a woman’s breasts. Women choose to have this procedure for a wide variety of reasons, which vary due to life events, lifestyle choices and personal preferences. Some want to enlarge their breasts to correct a loss of overall breast volume that can take place during pregnancy, some want to enhance their body’s natural contours, some have a desire to make their breasts naturally symmetrical, and many women pursue this procedure for entirely different personal reasons.

This surgical procedure is performed under general anesthesia and can result in a gain of one or more cup sizes. However, despite the many benefits that exist for this particular type of procedure, many Indiana women might wonder how much breast augmentation procedures cost, and what type of results they can expect to receive for their money.

Common Costs for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is a highly individualized procedure, and the cost that each individual can expect to take on is different depending on the type of implant, either saline or silicone. There are no completely standard costs, but within a generalized range, some of the approximate costs are:

  • $5,400 for saline implants
  • $6,300 for silicone implants

These are the full fees that some patients might expect to pay, but most doctors work with each patient to keep costs down. Many patients might find that they can qualify for discounts. For patients looking to enhance their natural breast size, these costs are attainable to pay in order to work with a high-quality medical team dedicated to getting the results that the patient wants. Financing options may also be available.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery is an effective method for a doctor to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breasts to improve her figure, accentuate her natural curves and bring symmetry of size to her breasts. If you as a patient aren’t happy with the symmetry, size, shape or projection of your breasts, you may be an ideal candidate for breast augmentation surgery.

Further considering how good of a candidate you might be for this procedure, doctors will take into account your medical history, your physical health and your ability to temporarily cease consumption of certain substances, supplements, and medications. A consultation can determine your qualities and how well suited you may be for the procedure.

Consulting Before Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast enlargement is a popular cosmetic procedure among women, but for patients who want to naturally enhance the shape and size of their breasts, they might still be confused on some of the finer points of the procedure as well as the benefits of each type of breast implant. When comparing silicone implants with saline-filled implants, the average patient might not know the best one to achieve their goals.

Before surgery, patients first come in to meet with the doctor in order to discuss overall goals as well as what they might expect to be the results of their surgery. The doctor will review patients’ medical history, including any drug allergies, any medical conditions that the patient may have, previous procedures and surgeries, and any current medications that the patient may be taking. With all of this in mind, the doctor works to define the results you might see from the procedure. Results can vary based on many variables including initial breast size, the size, and placement of areolas, and whether there is any sagging present in the breast tissue.

The Day of the Surgery

The day of your breast augmentation procedure, you can typically arrive at a center one hour before your scheduled surgical time and prepare to go under for the procedure. Your surgery takes place under general anesthesia and can last anywhere from one to three hours. For the vast majority of patients receiving breast implants, the surgery only lasts one hour.

When arriving at the center, patients can get comfortable and meet the team that will be operating on them. After the surgery, the incisions will be closed using invisible stitches. Afterward, patients are brought to the recovery room in order to wake up from the effects of the anesthesia and are equipped with a post-surgical bra to protect the affected areas.

Recovering From Breast Augmentation Surgery

After your surgery, your breasts will likely remain tight, swollen and uncomfortable for a number of days following the procedure. This is when many patients partake in pain medication in order to lessen the discomfort following the procedure. During this period, fluid retention and bruising are both common. Your post-surgical bra should be worn during the first several days, and then a sports bra afterward in order to assist in healing and remove the potential irritating movement from the sites.

Afterward, you may find you hit a period of delayed swelling. After a specified period of time, you may be instructed to start breast implant massages. Eventually, discomfort, swelling, and pain will subside, and the incision will lighten, soften and shrink. Continue to stay in regular contact with your doctor, and you’ll be instructed when is best for you to resume regular exercise and upper body activities. Eventually, you’ll have fully recovered from your procedure and free to continue living your life with newfound confidence in a shape you’re happy with.

Feel Better About the Way You Look

Beyond a medical choice, breast augmentation is a personal choice created to allow you the freedom and confidence you want to live the life you desire. You’ll be able to enjoy a higher quality of life and feel better in the way you look and are perceived, all with the help of an affordable procedure that works within your budget.

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