Protecting Your Breast Augmentation During Summer

Here’s how to avoid letting the summer heat ruin your breast augmentation investment

Now that you’ve had the breast augmentation of your dreams, you naturally want to flaunt it at the pool or at the beach. But you’ve got to be careful in the sun and heat. By waiting a little bit longer before exposing your body to the heat, you’ll be able to show off a lot longer.

Here are some tips to protect your new investment and remain safe during the hot summer months.

Limit Time in The Sun

The first thing you’ll want to do after your augmentation is throw on a swimsuit and enjoy time in the sun. While you don’t have to avoid the sun altogether, it’s recommended to avoid sunbathing right after getting your implants. That’s because sun damage and sweating can have an adverse effect:

  • Darker Scars: Too much sun before fully healing can darken the scars from the incision made during your procedure.
  • Sweating During Recovery: Excess sweating too soon can cause challenges for you. Swelling and bruising can be increased and recovery slowed by sweating out in the heat.

Careful in the Pool During Recovery

Shortly after your augmentation, once any bruising and swelling subside, you’ll get your best idea of what your new figure looks like. That means taking it easy during your recover period and being careful if you want to cool off in the water.

The pool is OK as long as you keep your incisions out of the water. You should, however, avoid getting into lakes and rivers during recovery.

Your surgeon should give you detailed summertime do’s and don’ts after your augmentation. If not, you can always call and ask.

Keep Cool

If possible, try and spend your recovery time in a cool and dry place. Feel free to crank up your air conditioning inside to make sure you’re comfortable.

You don’t have to lose a summer to recovering from breast augmentation. Just be careful in the sun, take some time away from the pool and make yourself cool and comfortable. And of course, consult your surgeon for tip or if you have any questions.

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