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Breast augmentation surgery enhances the shape and size of a woman’s breasts, using breast implants. Women choose to have breast augmentation surgery to enhance the contours of their body, to correct loss of breast volume following pregnancy, to make their breasts symmetrical, and for other reasons. With breast augmentation surgery, a woman’s bust line can be increased by one or more cup sizes.

Before Breast Augmentation
After Breast Augmentation

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Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step towards a better, more beautiful tomorrow. And, for many women, the first step in considering plastic surgery stirs up a broad array of questions and feelings. I’m so glad that you have taken a moment to learn more about what we do best to help women throughout Indiana feel better physically and also to feel better about themselves while improving their quality of life.

Your education about the healing and restoration process through plastic surgery is of great importance to me. I taught plastic surgery at the Indiana University School of

Medicine for seven years before opening my northside private practice. I encourage you to actively share in the quest for greater knowledge as well as the overall surgical decision-making process.

It’s my hope for you that you are encouraged by the potential for change as you browse our website, speak with our helpful staff, and personally meet with me in private. We would be grateful for the opportunity to serve you.


“Choosing to have plastic surgery is a big decision. I am extremely pleased not only with my decision but with my surgery. And most of all, I can‘t believe how lucky I was to have chosen Dr. Siwy.”

J.L liposuction

“My surgery made a world of difference in my life. I would not consider another plastic surgeon other than Dr. Siwy.”


D.L. liposuction

“Thank you so much for all the wonderful care and professionalism you showed me before and after my surgery. I couldn‘t be more pleased with my results.”

A.B. breast augmentation

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