Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Women undergo breast augmentation for a variety of different reasons, which is why breast augmentation has become the single most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure. The surgical placement of breast implants allows a woman to enhance the shape and size of her breasts.

Why do Women Undergo Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Every woman’s needs are different, but some of the common reasons women undergo breast augmentation surgery are listed below:

  • To correct uneven sizes of breasts to achieve symmetrical size/shape.
  • To make up for post-pregnancy loss of breast volume.
  • To enhance the body’s contours by increasing the size and/or shape of the breasts.
  • To increase the size of disproportionately small breasts.
  • As part of breast reconstruction following an accident or illness.
  • To boost confidence and self-esteem by enhancing the size/shape of breasts to achieve their ideal self-image.
  • To counteract breast size reduction after losing a significant amount of weight.

What Happens at an Initial Breast Augmentation Consultation?

We strongly suggest that any woman considering breast augmentation schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Siwy to discuss with her what’s involved and the reasons why you wish to undergo the procedure. We also have an extensive collection of trusted literature on all the different procedures we perform. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision based on sound professional advice from Dr. Barbara Siwy, who cares deeply about her patients and their wellbeing.

What Size of Implant is Best for Me?

The final decision of what changes in size and shape are made to your breasts is up to you, as long it falls within medical viability. However, if you want to achieve a look that is proportional, Dr. Siwy will guide you through a size selection process that considers several different factors, including your height, your build, and your personal preferences. She has model implants available that you can “try on” to see how they look a feel to help you make the choice that’s best for you. If you’ve seen DIY implant sizing methods online, please understand there is no substitute for working with model implants under the guidance of an experienced plastic surgeon. The initial consultation will also include a review of your complete current and past medical history to make sure nothing stands in the way of breast augmentation surgery.

What Types of Breast Implants are Available and Safe for Augmentation?

The two most common types of breast implants are saline and silicone, both of which we use here at Siwy Plastic Surgery because we are confident in their safety, as described by the Mayo Clinic. Many studies have been conducted that show women who receive breast implants do not have an increased risk for getting breast cancer. Saline implants are made with an empty silicone shell that is first inserted into the patient’s incision site, then filled with saline (a sterile salt water solution) to reach the desired size. Silicone implants also involve a silicone shell, but is filled with silicone gel before surgery. It is inserted fully-sized into the incision site. Note that breast implants do not correct for sagging breasts. A different procedure is required for that – a breast lift. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Saline vs Silicone Implants?

There are differences between saline and silicone implants that should be considered before deciding which is right for you. Each involves a minimum age requirement, which is 18 for saline implants and 22 for silicone (the age restrictions do not apply in cases of breast reconstruction). Silicone implants are generally considered to give a more authentic look and feel that closely resembles real breast tissue. Silicone implants are also less susceptible to noticeable implant wrinkling or rippling than saline implants. Because saline implants are placed when empty, the incisions needed are slightly smaller. Implant ruptures are more common with saline implants, but saline is easily absorbed by the body without health risks. The implant, however, will deflate and require additional surgery to correct by replacing the implant. If a silicone implant ruptures, the silicone gel often stays trapped in the fibrous tissue or capsule that forms around the implant. In these cases, a rupture may never even be noticed or need correction.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost?

Costs vary by surgery depending on your unique needs and the size of implants you desire. A general rule of thumb for breast augmentation is an average cost of around $6,300 for silicone implants and $5,400 for saline implants. 

What Actually Happen During Breast Augmentation Surgery?

In most cases, the entire surgery takes less than an hour to complete. While under general anesthesia, Dr. Siwy makes a surgical incision along the crease underneath the breast. After forming a pocket under the pectoralis chest muscle, the implant is inserted into the cavity and each incision is closed with invisible stitches. You’ll spend time in a post-op recovery room for the effects of the anesthesia to wear off, and you’ll also be outfitted with a post-surgical bra designed to protect sensitive areas. You’ll also be offered pain medication and a muscle relaxer, all of which help with the initial discomfort you’ll feel after surgery.

What is Recovery Like After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Your newly-enhanced breasts will be uncomfortable for at least several days, feeling tight and swollen. It’s important to continue wearing the post-surgical bra we provided during these first days following surgery, and a sports bra for a period of time after that to minimize uncomfortable movements of the breasts. An appropriate pain medication can be used to address the level of discomfort you experience. Fluid retention and bruising are both common after-effects that will lessen over time. Stay in touch with Dr. Siwy to find out when you can engage in simple breast implant massages to further the healing process and when you can resume normal exercising and upper body activities (typically at least six weeks after surgery). 

If you’d like to find out if breast augmentation surgery is right for you, please get in touch with Dr. Siwy through the Contact Us page of our website or give us a call at 317-876-7777. Your overall wellbeing is our top priority!