Discover The Benefits Of A Breast Lift

What You Need to Know About a Breast Lift Surgery

breast lift
Breast lift surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that raises and reshapes the breasts. This surgery can be performed to reduce the size of areolas too.

If you have breasts that have lost volume due to pregnancy or weight loss, breast implants can be inserted during this surgery to increase their size. When you’re looking to change the appearance of your breasts, opt for plastic surgery in Carmel, Indiana, with Dr. Barbara Siwy from Siwy Plastic Surgery.

About the Breast Lift Procedure

The breast lift surgical procedure itself takes about an hour and a half under general anesthesia. The procedure itself will vary depending on the patient, their existing breast tissue, and desired final look. Different incisions are used in different situations.

For instance, for someone that wants breast tissue lifted and tightened, an anchor-shaped incision may be used that follows the breast’s natural shape. This makes it more undetectable after the fact.

Plastic surgery in Carmel, Indiana, with Dr. Siwy, from Siwy Plastic Surgery, can help patients of all ages have the breasts they dream of. After breast lift surgery, the breasts will feel swollen, bruises and uncomfortable for a few days. Stitches generally dissolve within a week or two after surgery. Most patients are up and moving in a few days following their breast lift surgery.

Breast lift surgery does pose some risks, just like any other surgery. By following post-operative instructions after having plastic surgery, you are more likely to recover more easily and have the results you’re looking for.

To schedule an informative consultation, with Dr. Siwy in Carmel, IN, to discuss breast lift surgery or any other plastic surgery procedure, call her office at 317-876-7777.

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