Know These 5 Things After Your Breast Augmentation

Put These 5 Things at the of your Mind after you get a Breast Augmentation

There are many good reasons to have breast augmentation. Having work done brings many health benefits such as bust symmetry, tissue restoration, and increased libido. And let’s not forget to mention the intangible benefits:

  • A feeling of youth
  • More confidence
  • More comfort in a variety of looks and fashions

Your procedure will be a life-changing experience for the better. But first, you need to make sure you do your part in protecting your investment. Remember these 5 things to make your breast augmentation a smooth ride:

1. Be Ready For Recovery On The Front End

You’ll need some recovery time after a breast augmentation, so don’t leave your house for the procedure without being ready when you come back. Be sure to have your medical prescriptions ready, your house clean and fridge stocked with healthy foods. Also, on the day of your augmentation, have a kit ready with anything you may need such as credit card, health insurance information, driver’s license, etc.

2. Make Sure You Have These Bras

You won’t be able to wear underwire bras for about 6 weeks, so it’s best to do some garment shopping before your procedure. Talk to your surgeon for a recommendation on which bras will best support you while reducing swelling while keeping you comfortable.

3. The Lowdown On Exercise

While it’s good to get in some walking to increase circulation (when you’re comfortable), you should avoid strenuous activities and certainly shouldn’t work out. Another thing to remember is to not lift your arms over your head.

4. Stay Clean, Dry And Out Of The Sun

Be sure to keep clean and use anti-bacterial cream around your incision areas. For the first couple of weeks after your augmentation, you need to keep the incisions dry, so that means avoid the pool for 6 weeks and be very careful when showering. Avoid exposure to sunlight, but if you are exposed during the first 3 months, use sunscreen with at least 30 SPF.

5. Attend Your Post-Procedure Appointments

Post-op appointments allow your surgeon to monitor your progress and to give you the customized attention you deserve. At these appointments, we’ll look at your healing and if your implants are settling as they should. Additionally, it’s important to take your medications as directed.

The bottom line: be patient. This procedure takes time for everything to come together. Your breasts will need time to heal and to take their final shape. Patience and care will yield the best results!

Dr. Siwy Will Help You Get There

That customized attention – with emphasis on respect, care, and honesty – is what you find when you have your breast augmentation with Dr. Barbara Siwy.

A native Hoosier, Dr. Siwy has more than 30 years of experience – in fact, she was the first woman in Indiana to earn certification in plastic surgery. Her staff is warm and caring and available to you at all times.

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