New Breast Implants: What Will It Feel Like?

What Will My New Breast Implants Feel Like?

According to a study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), breast augmentation surgery is the most requested procedure in the United States. As it has become the country’s most common plastic surgery, questions remain for women considering having work done. The most common question is “What will my breast implants feel like?”

Below, we’ll talk about what your new breasts may feel like as well as some things you might experience after the procedure.

What Will My Implants Feel Like?

Of course, breasts with implants feel different to the touch than natural breasts. Although silicone implant breasts feel similar to real breasts, they may be a little different to the touch when compared to your previous breast tissue. Implants are more noticeable in women who began with little breast tissue. Both implants are very common and every woman has her own personal preference. Smaller implants and those that are placed below the muscle are harder to visually detect.

Right after you undergo a breast augmentation, you might lose feeling in your nipples. That’s perfectly normal. Sensation loss in your nipples can occur after breast surgeries of any kind. This depends on a number of factors, including breast shape and surgery type. Even if you lose sensation in your nipples, they will still respond to cold air and touch stimulation, even if you can’t feel it.

When being released from the recovery room following your breast implant surgery, you may have more questions about the weeks ahead. Here are a few common areas where we may be able to help:

If You Experience Discomfort

Bruising, soreness, swelling, tightness are very common and will subdue over time. As with any surgery, irritations will likely occur and can be managed with a bra, bandage, elastic band or other support garments. Your doctor can recommend how you can manage these risks. Other things to watch out for include:

  • Bleeding, infection or hematoma
  • Changes in nipple or breast sensation
  • Excess scarring
  • The formation of tight scar tissue around the implant
  • Fluid accumulation or skin wrinkling over the implant


Here are some answers to questions related to the recovery process:

  • Patients are held in the recovery area up to an hour after surgery to ensure stability before the journey home.
  • Two weeks of recovery is typical. During this time it’s important to be cautious of excessive arm movement (heavy lifting, overhead motions, etc.).
  • At six weeks patients can return to normal activities, including any strenuous tasks that you should be avoided right after the procedure.
  • At 12 weeks, full recovery is typically reached and implants should be set.

Check with your surgeon over the course of these timestamps, as each patient is different.

Down the Road
Dr. Siwy’s goal is to provide excellent results that are obtained with minimal risk and discomfort. And that is a process – you will have post-op appointments to discuss any possible discomforts, as well as successes, you may have soon after your procedure and for years to come.

Accredited by the ASPS and committed to her patients and their education, Dr. Barbara Siwy and her team are always available for your questions before and after any procedures. Consultations are available at our two locations in Central Indiana and are backed by more than 25 years of experience.

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