Find the right sized breast implants for you

For patients looking to get breast augmentation surgery, one of the first questions they’ll need to answer is the size of implant they’ll want to have for the procedure. Women of all kinds have wanted to make their breasts larger or fuller. Whether this is for cosmetic reasons, to suit their figure and improve their confidence in their appearance, or for medical reasons as in the case of reconstruction, the success of the procedure and the improvements to the patient’s quality of life and happiness with the operation will depend on if the size of their implants make them happy.

Just like every patient’s chest and figure will be a different size, it’s important to be sure that they’ll be satisfied with the implant they receive. Having a picture in mind of what they want to look like will be important, and as an expert with decades of experience in successfully completing these surgical procedures, Dr. Siwy will be able to walk you through the process and find the perfect implant to meet your goals.

Considering height

As a part of your overall proportions, it’s important to consider how height will factor into the size of implant you receive. Your height isn’t the only criteria for the size of your implant, but you want to be sure that your implant not only is of a size that feels right to you, but also gives you the look that you’re looking for. When properly factoring height into the conversation, you’ll know that your breast augmentation is of a size you’ll be happy with.

Considering build

Breast augmentation can obviously be any size that’s medically viable, but for most patients it’s important to have a natural look that compliments their appearance nicely. Ensuring that the augmentation will work with the patient’s build is part of that. Consideration of sizing for breast augmentation includes elements like body shape, the size and shape of the chest, waist, hips and curves, and what the natural shape of the breasts is. Working to determine the perfect size, patients can know they look better and feel more confident in their appearance.

Considering personal preference

Your personal preference, however, is the ultimate deciding factor with how your breast augmentation goes. Each patient will want something different, and it’s the job of the plastic surgeon to be able to walk through the different options and help you come to a decision that you’ll be happy with for decades to come.

When considering breast augmentation surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Siwy and she’ll be able to apply her skills to your personal case, ideas and preferences.

Sizing with Dr. Siwy

Breast augmentation is able to increase the size of the patient’s bust line by one or more cup sizes, but the true increase in size is measured by volume instead of bra size. Dr. Siwy will be able to work with you to find the size range you’re looking for, and provide the sample implants for you to try on and narrow into the exact size you want. Some popular home methods of sizing call for rice or water in pantyhose or plastic bags, but nothing can replace working with real implants and a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Contact Siwy Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation, and let Dr. Siwy help find the perfect size implant for you.

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