Know the Difference: Silicone and Saline Implants

Silicone implants on hand and natural breastBreast augmentation is a viable solution for women looking to change the appearance of their breasts by making them larger or fuller. Women of all kinds, from all walks of life, have decided to consult with a plastic surgeon and get breast augmentation for themselves. Some women decide to pursue breast augmentation due to medical reasons such as reconstruction, or it can be a cosmetic choice that simply makes a woman feel more comfortable and confident in her appearance and body. There is a huge variety of reasons why a woman might choose to get breast implants, and for Dr. Siwy, it’s important that every patient feels at ease with their decision before electing the procedure.

Breast augmentation for patients is a relatively straightforward procedure with the capability of increasing the size of a woman’s bust line by one or more cup sizes. During the surgery, Dr. Siwy makes an incision along a crease on the underside of the breast and inserts the breast implant into a pocket created under the chest muscle. The end result, after the healing process is completed, will be breasts that have the shape and size that the patient has communicated that they want. It’s a procedure with the capability of changing self-perception as well as external perception, and it’s one that Dr. Siwy is proud to provide.

For those doing research into breast augmentation surgery online, however, they might have questions about some of the things they see while looking into everything surrounding the procedure. Prospective patients might have seen online that breast implants aren’t all made from the same material. Some are made from saline, and some are made from silicone. It’s fair to wonder about the differences of these, and speculate what effects that they will have on the procedure and the end result. Telling the difference between silicone and saline breast implants can help give peace of mind and allow patients to receive a procedure while being more informed.

What are saline breast implants?

Saline breast implants are a common type of breast implant, and are available to all women over the age of 18. They are made from a silicone shell and filled with a saline, or salt water, solution. The silicone shell is inserted into the incision site on the patient while empty, and then when it is in place the saline is added to bring the implant to the right size inside the patient. In some saline breast implants, the doctor still has the ability to adjust the implant after the operation through a separate injection port.

What are silicone breast implants?

Silicone breast implants are similar to saline breast implants, and are available to all women over the age of 22. The silicone shell of the implant is filled with silicone gel, a nonreactive and viscous substance that is created to mimic the feel of human tissue. The implant is inserted while fully sized into the patient, unlike saline implants.

What are the functional differences between the two?

While both silicone and saline breast implants are popular with patients, and both are safe, there are some differences between these two types of implants. To start with, both are offered in the same types of shapes and textures, and there’s little evidence to suggest there’s any difference in the lifespan of the implants.

When it comes to a natural look and feel, silicone implants edge out saline implants. The silicone gel within silicone implants more closely mirrors the feel of the tissues naturally found in breasts, and these implants are less likely to have folds develop and be perceptible to look or touch than saline. This is a phenomenon known as implant wrinkling or rippling.

During surgery, saline implants require marginally smaller incisions than silicone because these implants are able to be brought up to size with saline within the body. Additionally, saline implants can be filled to an amount that looks and feels right within the body without needing to be sure that the implant is exactly the right size. Silicone implants can be found in the right size for each patient, however. When it comes to ruptures in an implant, in which material exits the implant and goes into the surrounding tissue, saline implants are much more likely. Silicone implants do not deflate, and are therefore much longer lasting with the likelihood of fewer procedures down the line.

In breast augmentation, patients have choices to make regarding what implant is best able to suit their wants and needs. Each carry their advantages, and with the right surgeon, each can provide the look and feel that patients want. Contact Siwy Plastic Surgery today, and start a conversation about how Dr. Siwy can provide the procedure you want.

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